Friday, December 3, 2010

Pentaco 9 A & B

I started filming this session on the iPhone, but ran out of disk space (I could only get my hands on 16GB model), so I switched over to the Macbook Pro's considerably-lower-quality-but-better-than-nothing camera. The MBP does have the benefit of being having a much wider view, but you just can't argue with 720p.

Here's the first bit of the session (recorded in 720p) where I hit:

22 guiltless; stepping ducking paradox symposium whirl (7 ADDs); I had inspinning symposium twirl off my foot; double spinning osis > stepping far blender > 20 or so contacts.

After the camera switch, I hit a lot of no-plant spinning, including a no-plant double spinning clipper, which was totally fun. Inspinning whirl; fusion - blurrier - paradox torque - etc. at the end, and a couple of classic-me out-of-control catches. The weird looking move after the first blurry dragon fly combo is actual a mixer (double legover). I also used YouTube's AudioSwap feature on this video because the De La were listening to started to annoy me (though at the moment it doesn't appear to have taken).

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